Following the rounds in Poland, Italy and Slovenia, the Int. 55th Hill Climb Race Osnabrück on 5–6 August will decide the winners in the FIA Int. Hill Climb Cup, the second highest hill climb championship in Europe. This year it is the only German hill climb race in the calendar of the FIA, the International Automobile Federation.

In 2022, Frenchman Sébastien Petit (Nova Proto NP 01-2) took the season's win in Category 2 (racing cars) for the third time in a row – an undisputed season's victory with full points. In Category 1 (touring cars), the Czech Dan Michl (Lotus Elise V8) also scored maximum points in 2022 and crowned his season in Osnabrück.
ebenfalls bei allen Rennen die Höchstpunktzahl ein und krönte in Osnabrück seine Saison.

In 2023, before the Osnabrück season final, Dan Michl is once again leading in Category 1 and Sébastien Petit (this time with an Osella PA 30) in Category 2.