On 3-4 August 2024 many big names in European hill climb will be fighting for important points at the final of the 2024 FIA Int. Hill Climb Cup, which takes place at the Int. 56th ADAC Hill Climb Race Osnabrück. The season of the FIA competition comprises five prestigious events for touring cars and open sports racers, beginning at St. Jean du Gard in France in mid-April. The second round takes place in Korczyna/Poland at the end of May and the third in Gorjanci/Slovenia in mid-June. The fourth round will be held at the Coppa Paolino Teodori at Ascoli in central Italy at the end of June, and then the grand final takes place on the 2.030 km track of Uphöfener Berg, where a large and high-calibre grid with participants from many countries is expected to take part.